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Track Your Conversion Rate

Set a conversion goal for your website and track the conversion rate of your landing pages in Statcounter.

Tracking your conversion rate is one of the best ways to see if your visitors are meeting the goal of your website and how the changes you make to your website are positively or negatively impacting your business over time.

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of website goals and conversions, see our guide:
Conversion Rate Tracking — an Introduction

Setting a Conversion Goal

To enable conversion tracking in Statcounter, you need to set a conversion goal for your website. A conversion goal in Statcounter is a URL that represents a successful conversion. Your conversion goal should reflect the primary purpose of your website and can be anything from subscribing to your newsletter to completing a purchase.

Your conversion goal URL will be the destination page that your visitors reach after successfully completing your conversion goal.

For example, if the primary goal of your website is to generate leads through a form on your landing page, your conversion goal will be the confirmation page that visitors see after successfully submitting the form.

In this case, your conversion goal might look like this:

Alternatively, your conversion goal may be to download a PDF or your price list. In that case, your goal will be the URL of the file:

If your conversion goal is an external website, for example a third party booking engine, you can use an exit link on your site as your goal.

While Logged in to Statcounter, visit your Projects page and navigate to the relevant project by clicking on the project title. Select Pages from the left navigation sidebar and click on Set Conversion Goal.

Setting a conversion goal in Statcounter

Enter the conversion goal URL for your website and click Set Goal.

Viewing Your Average Conversion Rate

A new Conversion Rate column will display the average conversion rate for each of your landing pages. This is the percentage of people who made it from your landing page to your conversion goal URL.

The Conversion Rate column in the Pages Report

If the conversion rate column displays 0% for all of your landing pages, you may not have set a valid conversion goal URL. If you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Tracking Your Daily Conversion Rate

Click on Page Analysis to see a trend chart of your daily conversion rate for any of your landing pages.

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