Wix - Flash Version Install Guide

Statcounter provides customisable hit counters, visitor tracking, web analytics and website stats for Wix - Flash Version.

Wix - Flash Version

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  2. Copy the StatCounter code.
  3. Log into your Wix website (opens in a new window).
  4. Click "My Account".

    Wix - My Account

  5. Hover over the preview of your site and click "Edit" to launch the site editor.

    Wix - Edit

  6. Go to the "Widgets" section and select the "HTML" option. This will open the HTML widgets box.

    Wix - Widgets

  7. Select the "StatCounter" widget.

    Wix - StatCounter Widget

  8. Click "Settings" towards the end of the page.

    Wix - Settings

  9. Paste your StatCounter code in the HTML box and click "OK". Save and publish your changes and that's it!

    Wix - Paste Code

Your StatCounter will now begin recording visitor information and, if you chose the visible option, your counter will be visible on your Wix website! (The image below shows a sample StatCounter.)

    Wix - StatCounter
NOTE: As of May 2010, full StatCounter functionality is not available with Wix websites due to limitations with the Wix HTML widget. Page titles and referring information are not available.

The code checker will say "Code not detected" even when things are setup perfectly. This is due to how Wix handles extra code. You can check the installation by visiting your site and then checking the stats to see if the hit was logged.

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